Here are my walk-in office hours:

  • By appointment only.

    When scheduling a meeting with me, please use the following as a guide to choose an appropriate duration:

    • 15 minutes: For simple questions, clarifications, or brief check-ins. This is ideal for discussions on a single topic or quick consultations.
    • 30 minutes: For more detailed conversations, such as academic progress reviews, course advisement, or initial brainstorming sessions. Select this option if the topic requires some elaboration but isn’t overly complex.
    • 60 minutes: This time is reserved for comprehensive meetings, such as intensive academic advising or detailed project reviews. Please ensure you come prepared with all necessary information and questions to maximize this hour.

    Remember, our goal is to have a productive meeting. Please arrive on time, prepare your topics or questions in advance, and be ready to participate in a fruitful discussion.

    Schedule our meeting: